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Cheryl's Room
All Things Disney

DisneyPhotoImage14Carey and I love Walt Disney World.   We visit twice a year, are Disney Vacation Club members, annual passholders, stock holders and collectors of all things Disney. The walls of our house is covered with Disney hand-painted cells, our services proudly display Disney collectible figurines, and we have numerous character beanie babies.   Carey’s favorite character is Tinker Bell, I collect Eeyore, Jiminy Cricket and Chip and Dale.   Of course, the fab four are always included.  As soon as we return from one vacation, the countdown begins to the next trip.   We even have an iPhone application to count down the days.

PICT0040We celebrated Disneyland’s 50th birthday celebration in 2005.   In spite of incredible crowds, there is no where else I would have wanted to be on that day.   We even have on our front door a plaque that quotes from the sign at Disneyland: “Fern was up at daylight, trying to rid the world of injustice. As a result, she now has a pig. A small one to be sure, but nevertheless a pig. It just shows what can happen if a person gets out of bed promptly.”
by E. B. White Charlotte's Web